The strength of encounters

Historically, La Maison TURRINI, a French brand of high-end contemporary furniture, has worked with top designers that give personality and a truly original identity to its collections. Talented designers recognized by the profession, generating solutions that combine clever minds and highly-developed technique, they are, like the collections they create, in perfect harmony with the core values of the brand. Dialogue, respect for know-how, a particular focus on natural materials and the constant search for perfection are all an integral part of the work, from design right through to manufacturing. Each TURRINI collection blends a heritage derived from French cabinet making, with innovative ideas from the creators with whom it works. “It’s always a leap to translate traditional expertise into creative design, but we always produce exemplary work and sublime and rare items.” Christian Turrini

For 30 years, a precursor of the responsible approach, Christian Turrini, the soul and the eye of the company that carries his name, has favored designers who have the common denominator of eco-design. Out of unique encounters are born partnerships founded in quality, rarity, a responsible approach and high professional requirements. The designers suggest a line and plant themselves firmly in a universe common to the Turrini spirit, with a constant preoccupation with the durability of the furniture, right from the first sketches. More than ever, La Maison TURRINI aims to create a link with new designers who will carry on today and in the future, the spirit of this noble house.

Thus, Erwan PERON has played the ecocertified and responsible design card, using, for the EKO collection, chestnut from a sustainably managed Breton forest. A new and surprising collection that is enriched by leather with contrasting stitching.

The duo FRITSCH –DURISOTTI have highlighted the originality of curves, like some return to the purity of nature, with an indoor-outdoor collection that enhances the natural fiber of bamboo and the natural expression of the body, in a spirit of elegant relaxation.


Natural expression


A game of construction – Eko


Like a suspended tree – Ôsmos