Collaborations as a driving force of innovation

La Maison TURRINI, a brand of sustainable and responsible furniture, develops partnerships with talented designers and offers a new design perspective.

La Maison TURRINI has developed its expertise through its encounters with numerous talented designers who have helped drive the requirement for quality and eco-design.

It is this combination of technical know-how and quality together with aesthetics that have made La Maison TURRINI the benchmark manufacturer for a number of designers who share the same values and are creative “by nature”.

“Today, the search for innovation can no longer be limited to the products; it also involves procedures, services, exchanges, leisure, means of communication and working relationships. Designers have developed an incredible ability to search for solutions, a capacity to transform constraints into opportunities and to observe and understand individuals needs.”

This comprehensive approach makes sense because it is part of a new “Spirit of design”, a will to develop a creative approach without ignoring practical principles and compliance with environmental constraints.

16 janvier 2015


With a dual perspective, dual skills, both technical and aesthetic, both designers align original materials with their sustainable function to bring to life relevant objects.

15 janvier 2015

Erwan Peron

The objects he creates come as an expression of the words that remain unspoken.