Sniffing out talent

From the beginning, La Maison TURRINI has chosen who to work with carefully. In its connections with designers, the concept of dialogue is vital, taking time to get to know each other, to learn, bring personalities and operations together smoothly. Christian Turrini is constantly reliant on his precious contact book so as to work with those who work in a coherent way with the finest and noblest materials in compliance with an eco-sustainable mindset. From the choice of wood, through methods of drying, design and aesthetics, the manufacturing process, working the materials, the colors and so on, La Maison TURRINI strives at every step to ensure that its partners are in accordance with the Turrini mindset and signature, so synonymous with perfection.


Every day in the workshops of the brand, nearly 100 people design, test, innovate, manufacture and give life to high quality Turrini expertise. Respect for materials, perfection of gestures and the nobility of manufacture reveal the perfectionist spirit and flagship values of the brand.

Decoration reveals a mood, enhances space and shows furniture off to best effect. La Maison TURRINI adds value to the projects entrusted to it because “every project is different and each product must stand out and be exceptional”. And so La Maison TURRINI develops its decoration segment using a design-based approach, for and with interior designers, decorators and the world of catering/hospitality.

Because design has become increasingly democratized, La Maison TURRINI undertakes, through the work of talented designers who invest in durable design, to come up with original products that are always unique and outstanding: innovative creations born out of high standards of quality and belief in eco-design.

In full respect of the environment, La Maison TURRINI designers design projects, find technical solutions, innovate and challenge themselves to imagine the furniture of today and the future.