Erwan Peron

Dessin Buffet Alliance, 2011

Dessin Buffet Alliance, 2011

Dessin chambre EKO, signé Erwan Peron 2011

Dessin chambre EKO, 2011

A designer who models materials, light and emotion

The objects he creates come as an expression of the words that remain unspoken.


“It is in the eyes of others that I evaluate the success of the object I have designed!”

To evoke Erwan Peron, it would be best to remain silent and rather observe him at work. His approach is discreet; it is revealed by what is essential, with power and emotion.

It is clear that his inspiration comes from “nature”. From the first pencil lines, one discovers his ability to take into account the overall economics of a project in order to make it sustainable.

In 2006, after 10 years as a creative in the furniture industry, Erwan Peron founded his own design studio and simultaneously won several interior and product design competitions.

As if to bear witness to his preoccupation for what is real and concrete, in partnership with his wife Sophie, Erwan Peron set up his agency in the heart of the town of Dinan, adding a decoration shop and his own publishing house. For the designer, his business is an activity oriented outwards, towards others: “Whether designing a vase, a cocktail mixer, furniture or the town hall, the issues remain the same: the use of matter, space and light to give meaning and create emotion.”

The encounter with La Maison TURRINI

Today La maison Turrini presents eco-designed furniture collections created in collaboration with designer Erwan Peron.

Responding to ever greater environmental expectations, La Maison TURRINI and Erwan Peron provide an offering of 6 furniture collections designed with the intention to show raw materials off to their best from the moment they are selected: noble wood species such as oak and chestnut – from sustainably managed forests – or leather.

The idea of combining them with more contemporary materials – Daquacryl® and PMMA – thereby provides a link between tradition and innovation.

“One does not ask a designer to design a bridge, but rather how to connect the two sides of a river.”

“When I met Christian Turrini, I quickly realized that together we would design and create furniture of a quality that meets the demands of those who aim at excellence.”

“At the heart of my approach is the spirit of nature. I breathe it into each of my creations, as if to encourage the vital link that connects us to the Earth. This value is fully shared with La Maison Turrini. This commitment to the promotion of eco-design is at the heart of our projects. It stimulates and uplifts us and carries us forward towards the future.”

Dessin Table basse Etna, et Fauteuil bibliothèque Spacebook, signé Erwan Peron 2011

Dessin Table basse Etna, et Fauteuil bibliothèque Spacebook, 2011

Dessin table basse Kristal, signé Erwan Peron 2011

Dessin table basse Kristal, 2011