Imposing high standards

 ‘A passion for the métier and vocation, for tradition and innovation, bringing together, in the same élan, the craftsman’s gesture and talent of the designer of today’ Christian Turrini

Industrial performance at the service of cabinetmaking

In the workshops of La Maison Turrini, the know-how of yesteryear is reinterpreted with each order for the creation of unique works; note the constant presence of the hand on the machine. Gestures, developed over the centuries by traditional cabinet makers can still be seen in the Turrini workshops: the crossing of wood, dovetail assembly or mortise and tenon, translate a pattern into pure forms and give life to the creations of designers.
Out of these demanding and mastered gestures, an alliance of the talents of the men and women of La Maison Turrini, are born single units or limited series, perfect signed and numbered pieces, which enter the privacy of a home, unveiling themselves year after year in the allure of a line, of a perfect finish or veining. All these subtle details, the legacy of a real practice of the cabinetmaker trade, demonstrate the expertise of this great French design house.

At each stage of production

From launch of the prototype to the full success of the final version, La Maison Turrini imposes, at each stage of manufacturing, strong values for total customer satisfaction. The choice of materials and forms, the primordial design step, is carefully studied. The search for comfort, an essential component, is expressed upstream through research into ergonomics and well-being. Eco-design is positioned as a core value at the time of manufacture, and the use of natural adhesives, recyclable materials and water-based varnish are selected from the best available, in an effort aiming to respect nature and affirm the longevity of designer furniture.
Throughout the production process, operators strictly monitor every action performed in accordance with the quality standards required by the company. The curve of a chaise longue, the shape of a handle, the smoothness of a corner or the silence of a closing drawer make it possible to enjoy year after year, the mastery of detail carefully thought out.