Bringing an exceptional piece to life


La Maison Turrini, emblematic of iconic high-end furniture, designed and manufactured in France, infuses its entire collection with a spirit of creativity, rarity and perfection. The harmony and purity of La Maison Turrini furniture begins in the origins of their component materials and stretches all the way to the final gestures used to finish each piece.

A noble material

Christian Turrini, cabinet maker for 20 years and soul of the house that bears his name, is ever-eager, both in mind and in gesture, to work on this sublime material, wood. “An exceptional resource is to be found in our forests, which whispers from the start the fabulous history of French cabinet makers. Just think of the oak, maple and walnut in the French Massif Central, with beautiful purple heart, to illustrate the emotion that wood suggests.”
The selection of wood illustrates the original desire to work only noble species, as a permanent tribute to the forests of France and Europe. The act of slaughter of a tree at a specific time of the year, the strict drying techniques, all the way down to finishing gestures, all participate in the quality and perfection of this noble material.


All according to the rules of the art

The story of La Maison Turrini extends the legacy of cabinet maker gestures into a world of perfection and respect for woods, at all stages of manufacturing. Turrini workshop teams, passionate, rich in skills, rigorous and attentive to the smallest detail, express the house style with a real sense of excellence. From simple designs to final completion, everything is designed to achieve perfection of exceptional work: hand crafting of individual pieces or in limited series, glue in hand, subtle tinting, using mortise and tenon, soft sanding of edges, varnishing … For know-how that makes every day a tribute to the gestures of French cabinet making.

Awakening the senses

Throughout the manufacturing process right up to final product, the brand brings exceptional furniture to life. These pieces then live in our homes over the years. We caress them with the flat of the hand, and apprehend them in all the delicate respiration of natural materials and a fragrance full of emotions.