The Turrini sites

Workshops located in the heart of France

From Brittany to Burgundy, La Maison Turrini has 100 employees and designs and manufactures 18,000 pieces of furniture a year for over 300 clients across four continents. It represents French know-how, a symbiosis of high standards, innovation and respect for the environment. All furniture made by La Maison Turrini is designed and manufactured in the brand’s workshops at two manufacturing sites in France, one in Brittany in Pont-Scorff and the other in Burgundy at Varzy. The latter has the Living Heritage Company (EPV – Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant) label, a mark of recognition of the commitment of the men and women at La Maison Turrini and a guarantee of quality encouraging the brand to showcase its expertise internationally.

A family of highly qualified employees

The Turrini workshops reflect the innovative and environmentally conscious spirit of the cabinetmaker: fully soundproof and automated to facilitate employees in their work, the sites are ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 certified. “To obtain this certification, each employee has looked at their ways of working. Thus, in 10 years, we have significantly raised the standards of the company requirements in terms of quality, safety and the environment.”
Each operator is involved in the running of the business. Collective reflection on manufacturing methods enables continuous improvement. Versatility is encouraged: this is beneficial on a personal level and it also offers a guarantee of quality both to the company and customers. Six workstations can be controlled partially or fully by the same person. Thus, La Maison Turrini is able to work in confidence with a core of people with unique know-how, forming the basis of the company for over 20 years.
“The architect, operator, designer, everyone here finds what they are entitled to receive from a company. But they also work taking real pleasure in what they do. It is such exceptional encounters that are the true purpose of the company.”  Christian Turrini