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An Alliance of Turrini technology: Daquacryl ®, wood & P.M.M.A

Daquacryl® is a wonderful shiny finishing process, using PMMA acrylic resin. This transformative process, unique around the world, is the result of collaboration between the chemist, Arkema and transformer, David Lange. Non-porous, flexible and transformable under high temperatures, Daquacryl® is used in making furniture or facades to produce a look with an unparalleled shine. Very easy to maintain, resistant to impacts and wear over time, Daquacryl® comes in a range of 35 colors.

The types of wood used by La Maison Turrini are carefully selected from sustainably managed forests. Oak, chestnut, walnut, natural bamboo and exotic woods are assembled according to cabinet making methods in order to obtain a finish that is both more respectful of the materials and more aesthetic. The wood shades are created using wax and Hydro polish, which is more durable and environmentally friendly.

PMMA (polymethyl methacrylate) is an acrylic resin better known under the name of Plexiglas® or Altuglas®. PMMA is machined and assembled manually. PMMA waste is outsourced to companies specialized in recycling this material. It is very impact resistant, solid, stable and can be restored. It comes as opaque, transparent colorless or colored.

Christian Turrini explains:

“When I showed the workshops to designer Erwan Perron, he immediately felt the presence of both our use of wood and Daquacryl®. He wanted to make a piece of furniture that reflected this alliance of the two Maison Turrini areas of expertise. So he devised two beams to combine forces, a natural oak beam and a beam in Daquacryl® laid on PMMA feet. This is how the Alliance piece was born.”

turrini280611-0037Buying from the best suppliers

All La Maison Turrini suppliers have over 20 years experience. They have all been through a technological monitoring process and acquired skills that the brand now benefits from.

The Daquacryl® patented finishing process required several years of research and experimentation with Arkema. Arkema is a leader in specialty chemicals in France. Mainly positioned in niche markets, Arkema develops coating products requiring significant research and development.

Sifar Placcati provides La Maison Turrini 100% natural wood panels. The laminated panel is made up of a solid wood core. The fine wood is then plated with laminated panels. An Italian company since 1969, Sifar Placcati specializes in the manufacture of coated panels. With an environmentally friendly innovation policy, Sifar Placcati is Europe’s leading wood veneerist.

La Scierie Ducerf, a sawmill established in Burgundy since 1885, supplies La Maison Turrini in solid wood. At the heart of the most beautiful forests in Europe, the mill has developed its expertise around the hardwood and its transformations.

Natural, with anti-marking and anti UV treatments, the leather used by La Maison Turrini is padded and saddle stitched, respecting the traditions of leather manufacture. The leathers are selected in the Vendée from leather upholsterer Mercier, an expert in making leather for fittings, decoration, furniture and sailing professionals since 1975.

For contemporary furniture using glass, La Maison Turrini works with the Ouest Saint-Gobain mirror trade.

For other hardware, including the famous eco-glider runners used for finishing furniture, La Maison Turrini uses Salice, an Italian company based in France, specializing in the design and manufacture of hinges for 40 years.

Bambou naturel

Natural Bambou