Living room

Combining transparency and lightness with fine raw materials in what is an ambitious, air-element effect, that’s the story of our furniture. Through its lines and design, it resembles our own character traits: transparent and imposing. This furniture reassures us, gives us a sense of comfort and unparalleled ergonomics. Around an intensely human concept, our designers transpose their love of materials into their creations.

The collections for the house’s main living spaces are aimed at giving a feeling of well being and relaxation as well as aiding you in your choice of tableware. Because your furniture should serve your life, our designers have designed modular parts that fit your needs. The Etna coffee table fits together like a puzzle and its four parts adapt easily to moments of conviviality.

In accordance with the values of the brand, the search for human harmony with its environment, our living room furniture is based on the combination of materials: oak and glass, oak and Daquacryl, birch and PMMA, bamboo and fabric … tables, buffets and consoles diffuse the energy of the raw materials, providing weightlessness and reassuring you by their comfort and unparalleled ergonomics, all in a spirit of sophistication.

Lightweight, strong, original, our collections are designed to gently dress your nest. The styling of an airplane wing or the contours of a dining table? Chairs, armchairs and benches in natural bamboo fiber, chosen for its resistant qualities.

Textures that coexist as never before, innovative lines, a design closer to human, eco-designed ranges, these are the character traits of Maison Turrini.

Touch these textures as they collide and coexist, understand the energy that emerges.

Dining table Ôsmos @en

Dining Table in Oak, glass and PMMA

Table de repas EKO Eko @en

Plateau en Krion® blanc

Incrustations chêne bois de bout naturel

Piètement en chêne massif naturel

Le motif pied de bout au centre de la table relié au piètement bois vous rappellera la dimension environnementale propre à la collection EKO.

Console Ôsmos @en

Console in oak veneered blockboard panels and extra-clear tempered glass top

Sideboard Ôsmos @en

Sideboard combining wood, glass and PMMA

Coffee table Ôsmos @en

Coffee table in translucent PMMA, wood and glass

Sideboard Alliance @en

A sideboard with inno- vative lines, combining the brand’s three skills – wood daquacryl® and PMMA.

Coffee table Kristal @en

Oak low table with 3 diagonal pieces of translucent PMMA.

Coffee Table Etna @en

Two-tone coffee table with 4 modular units

Dining table Bee Indoor @en

Dining table in natural bambou with Steel frame, matte white Epoxy coated

Bench Bee Indoor @en

Bench in natural bambou

Chair Bee Indoor @en

Chair in natural bambou with Steel frame, matte white Epoxy coated

Armchair Bee Indoor @en

Armchair natural bambou

Deck chair Bee Indoor @en

Deck chair Bee Indoor in natural bambou

Relax chair and Ottoman Bee Indoor @en

Relax Bee in natural bambou