Who doesn’t want to spend their life lying on a lounge chair under the warm rays of the sun at its zenith? Turn this dream into a piece of furniture designed for rest and total relaxation, add natural materials such as bamboo fiber, or original and prestigious ones such the canvas of boat sails… and embark!

An outdoor collection reflects the thrust of innovation at its peak. Emblematic of La Maison Turrini, the lounge chair with clean lines, reproduces the curves of the female body lying on the sand. Comfort and aesthetics make you forget the functionality of the object, lightness and strength characterize this outdoor bamboo piece. Stop dreaming, relax…

Your boat in European oak and recycled sails moves straight towards the horizon. The daybed sofa, joint creation of La Maison Turrini and the company of craftsmen, 727Sailbags, extends the dream of a great adventure on the open waves. With seven possible modulations and four colors, this new range of French furniture is off to conquer the ocean. You are at the helm, set sail, set sail…!

Deck chair with steel frame Bee Outdoor @en

Deck chair in natural Bambou with steel frame

Chair Bee Outdoor @en

Chair in Natural Bambou

PMMA Chair Bee Outdoor @en

Outdoor bee chair in PMMA

Deck chair Bee Outdoor @en

Deck chair outdoor in natural Bambou

Bambou Chair Bee Outdoor @en

Outdoor chair in natural bambou